Worried about electromagnetic
radiation exposure...?


If you want to reduce your EMF exposure by 95% without giving up your gadgets - this eCourse is for you.

Right now, most of the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure you're getting occurs within the four walls you live in.

That's right, even with the exponential increase in wireless radiation outside your home - it's the things you do inside that will make the biggest difference.

In the EMF-Proof Your Home eCourse you'll learn about:

  • the 6 different EMR types you're being exposed to
  • the established health effects of EMR exposure
  • exactly how to reduce your EMR exposure
  • how to protect yourself from wireless radiation outside your home (including 5G) as well

So, if you'd like to avoid catching a technologically-transmitted disease without having to give up your smartphone, the internet, and other fun devices - this is your complete tech-savvy guide to do just that (and you won't ever have to wear a tinfoil hat, I promise!).

Launching in July 2020, EMF-Proof Your Home is as empowering as it is eye-opening. If you'd like to check out the details, you can get your name on the waitlist for updates right here - you'll be notified as soon as it's ready.

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