Worried about mould making you sick...?


If you want to know how to prevent mould, and what to do if you have a mould problem - this eCourse is for you.

Right now, one of the most significant influences on your health is within the four walls you live in.

That's right, the health of your home and its microbiome are one of the single biggest factors that can impact your wellbeing - and the things you do (or don't do) inside can make the biggest difference.

In the Mould-Proof Your Home eCourse you'll learn:

  • the different ways mould can make you sick
  • how to reduce the risk of mould in your home
  • how to address a mould outbreak safely and effectively
  • where to find appropriately qualified professionals
  • PLUS training on how to inspect a property yourself

So, if you'd like to avoid catching an avoidable environmentally-acquired illness - this is for you.

Launching in July 2022, Mould-Proof Your Home is as empowering as it is eye-opening. If you'd like to check out the details, you can get your name on the waitlist for updates right here - you'll be notified as soon as it's ready.

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